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Back to Painting Flowers

I love to paint.  My grandmother taught me: if you can’t move it, paint it, and if you can’t paint it, put a flower in it.

I wonder if that was my inspiration for painted paper flowers?

ivory painted paper flowers large

large ivory paper flower

ivory wedding flowers diydiy painted paper flowers

I started making these a few years ago for weddings (including my own).  And yes they are a bit labor intensive, but I can’t help myself.

So here is a re-run of the step to create these lovely large flowers (the tutorial uses a mix of green paint, but the process is the same).

large paper flowers ivory



*Regular copy paper (or drawing paper)
*Hot glue gun
*Stick or Floral Stem Wire
*2 colors (or more) craft acrylic paint (the cheaper the paint the better, I’ve found)
*Paint brush (for painting and rolling)

CuriousPurplePig Rating: 8.5 oinks, could be messier. I do manage to get paint in my hair though.   Takes about 30 minutes per flower to cut/paint the petal (not counting paint drying time), another 30 minutes or so to assemble.


Each petal is cut from regular 8×11 paper, free form “teardrop” shape. The outside petals take 1/4 of the sheet, the inside ones, 1/6th. I advise at least 8 petals of each size (24 total). I stack the paper and do them all at once. I cut waves into the edges too.

Lightly fold the paper in 4ths for the larger petals:



And into 6ths for the smaller, inside petals (fold in half, then into thirds):



Using two colors of watered down craft acrylic paint, I quickly paint each side of the petals. The water helps to blend the colors. Just follow the form of the petal with your strokes. Only use one brush for all colors.

After making hundreds of these flowers, I’ve found that the cheaper the craft acrylic paint the better.  The “good stuff” is too thick and has to be watered down to much.  I don’t want to offend Craft Smart brand, but it works really well for watered down/blended effects like these flowers.



I used more darker color on the smaller inside petals, and went lighter on the outside. More water mixed in lightens the paint too.



{{{{{paint drying}}}}}


Find a center stick. I have a bunch of old dried stems lying around that I use. But a skewer stick will work too (or a stick from your yard–even better). The larger the flower, the larger the diameter the stick.

UPDATE: I switched from using sticks to florist wire stems like these:

I then glue a piece of styrofoam or rolled paper on the end to give it a larger diameter base to glue the petals. With the wire, I can bend and shape the flowers as needed in the centerpiece, much better.18_gauge_green_stem_floral_wires_20pcs

I use a paint brush handle to roll the paper edges.

Low temp glue glue gun, my best friend. Attach the petals by gluing at the base.

If the paper tears a bit, just dab with glue to seal it. Keep working around until you like it.












I used more glue and then florist tape to secure it more to the stick/floral stem.




painted paper flowers wedding

paper flowers centerpiece

unique large paper flowers


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