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Halloween Already?

Here it is the end of July and my thoughts turn to Halloween?

School starts up in August so back to 60 hour plus work weeks and little time for party planning.  Our annual Halloween party is an event.  Just 70 or so of our favorite fun people and lots of great costumes.

I start the planning by thinking of what worked well last year, what didn’t work so well.  And always: the food.

Here are some of my previous “hits.”  All the pictures are {mine} from the food I made, but the recipes have been borrowed and adapted from many creative people.

Meat Head

Meat Head was new last year.  Funny, people would eat the sliced deli meats around the head, but not off the head 🙂

Having a lighted plastic skull is a must again for this year!

Pumpkin Burger

I like having the food in multiple locations for Halloween to keep the party flowing and everyone eating.  Pumpkin Burger took a lot of skewers and toothpicks to hold together, but people seemed more willing to pick the deli off of it rather than the skull (squeamish guests).

Although still one of my favorites is the pumpkin throwing up that I used as a menu stand one year–


Is any Halloween party complete without eyeballs to eat?  I’ve tried many over the years.

The jello-based eyeballs are the most realistic looking.  However, they have to be painted the night before and kept chilled on the table.

After many of late night eyeball painting sessions, last year I switched to candy eyeballs that could be painted way in advance (melted white chocolate, mint molds):

Candy fingers were a bonus.

Cheese Balls

You can do so much with cheese, and it is tasty too!  But, if you make your cheese balls too fancy, people maybe reluctant to tear into it.

Finger Food

These went fast!  Luckily, there were about the easiest thing to make.

Bleeding Eyeball Punch

Yes I am obsessed with eyeballs on Halloween.  But this is just too cool and my guests love it.  They fill their glasses up directly from the squirting eye.  Put a few glow sticks in the pot for extra effect.  Always serve under a black light 🙂

I’m sure I’ll do the standard kitty litter cake and chips and salsa served in the coffin too this year.  These are my old standbys. But as always, I’ll start scouring the internet for more gruesome and fun foods to serve this year. Who knows, meat head may turn into a full blown cadaver!

[all photos on this page are original and credited as such]

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