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Back from Wedding Crafting…

Curious Purple Pig is back.  I’ve been off working on weddings for the past year and had a blast.  But during the past year I have also been collecting.  Collecting for jewelry making mostly, but ideas for other items as well.  The messier, usually the better.  But this week’s craft is not messy at at all (minus a few bits of dried catnip). Crafting for pets can be fun, because they don’t judge you (and are usually wowed by the process just as much as the finished product).  So here is my latest…

christmas toy for naughty cat

Naughty Cat Christmas Coal

Who doesn’t know a bad cat who  deserves lumps of “coal” for Christmas?  Don’t have time to make it?  It’s for sale in my Etsy shop: CuriousPurplePig (again, shameless self promotion).bad cat christmas present

Curious Purple Pig Rating:

  • High oink factor because cats love it (see the video below 🙂 )
  • High oink points for easy (as long as you can grow catnip–which is really a type of weed)
  • Low oinks for not being messy at all (don’t even need glue 😦 )

Overall 7 Oinks

Product testing with a focus group of one cat (raw & unedited coverage of test results).     Two Paws Up!  It’s a hit 🙂


  • Black yarn
  • Catnip (you can buy it, but I used my own from plants we have at home–best to have some nice potent organic nip for the felines)
  • Tulle (fine mesh)
  • Crochet hook to fit your yarn & yarn needle
  • Container, Tag and rest of packaging is optional.


1) Crochet the coal lumps.  You could also use fabric or felt, but crochet (or knitting) gives it a nice texture that cats love.  There is no pattern here.  I start out with a magic circle, do one round of 4-6 single crochet stitches, and then go nuts.  I added some bobble stitches for bumpy texture.  Just work chaotically in rounds with mixed stitches until you have an odd shape.  Leave it open on top.  You can then use a yarn needle to close the lump after you have stuffed it.

bad cat pet toy

2) Wrap some dried catnip in fine mesh/tulle.  I like to double wrap it to make sure it doesn’t get out.  Use organic catnip if you can. Stuff the balled up catnip-in-tulle into the lump of coal.

3) Optional–Cats love the crunchy sound of cellophane, so add in a few 1×1 inch squares.

4) Use a yarn needle and close up the lump.

christmas coal gift


If giving as a gift, wrap it up by decorating a box or bag.  The cats won’t care, but the human will appreciate it. I hope your cats enjoy! 

christmas pet toy

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