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Maybe I need help, but fall is coming and I can’t stop buying yarn.  My thoughts turn to watching football (Go Broncos!) while curled up on the couch crocheting.

The colors are amazing (too bad I’m not a better photographer) and I can’t stop.  The first step is admitting you are out of control.

Lately, I’ve been addicted to these layered loop scarfs using sashay/ruffle yarns.  I love the mix of colors and soft texture of these yarns.


Mixed blues chunky chain scarf

 You can’t get more autumn-y than this:

autumn colors chain scarf

 And Purples, of course:

violet purple chunky chain scarf


The “How To”

This is one long crochet chain.  And I mean loooonnggg.  300 inches (25 feet).  I used an extra large wood bead painted and sealed that keeps the layers in place.  I used a Q hook to make these, but use the size necessary for your yarn.

These scarves are adjustable- just pull at the individual chains to extend or shorten.  Or remove the bead altogether, or….

layered infinity scarf orange redeggplant infinity scarf loopaqua blue infinity scarf orange scarf necklace

extra long blue infinity scarfpurple long loop scarf

deep blue loop scarfdeep purple chain scarf necklace

amethyst infinity scarforange reds chunky chain scarves


So now I have a huge boxful of different colors, including blue and orange (again, Go Broncos!).

 multi strand layered loop scarf

Curious Purple Pig Rating:

There is a messy part–I get to sand and paint the wood clasp bead on the scarf.  So I manage to get paint all over my hands which is 8 oinks.  I’m only happy when I have paint on my skin.

A high Oink factor for color.

Overall: A respectable 8 Oink ratings for these layered loop scarves. 



The classic gray scarf remains one of my favorites:

gray infinity scarf

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