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A New (Renewed) Crafting Room

Part 1 of what will surely be a several part series–The Great Craft Room Makeover

Etsy sent my crafting to a whole new level. I completely grew out of my old office space.  The room was decent sized, but really lacked storage.  All my stuff was in bags across the floor.

Our guest room is bigger, and right next door.  Plus, it has a huge double closet.  So here it goes:

Step 1: Pack it all up and try to filter out the junk from “real” craft supplies.

Step 2: Close Etsy shop for a few days (how can I do orders with everything packed up?).

Step 3: Clear out the guest room (my new craft room) as much as possible (after all, we still need to live in this house and I can’t disrupt everything (or can I?).

Step 4: Cabinets!!!!!

I didn’t go crazy here, just bought the stock, ready built.  This is a dormer room, so the upper wall cabinets are only 15″ (over the appliance cabinets).  The best thing here is the 10 feet of counter space!  Four lower base cabinets, 4 uppers and a laminate (10′) countertop = $600.  And that will be the only $$$$ I spend on this makeover.  I am dedicated to up cycling, reusing, making, everything else I need.

Cabinet install: Most will recommend installing upper wall cabinets first, but in my case I was doing this by myself and the uppers were smaller in size.  So base cabinets first:

craft room makeover cabinets

Then a cat comes in and hops in a drawer.

cabinet install cat


Then you find boxes/boards/books (whatever) that are the right height to rest your upper cabinets on while installing.  Note here: place your upper wall cabinet on the stack and run it all across the base cabinet run first to make sure they will all fit on the wall space.  No room is perfectly level and the first wall cabinet should go on the lowest point.  Clamps are very handy to align the next cabinet with the previous to keep them flush.

installing upper wall  cabinets


So This should really help my storage issues:

craft room make over 2


And then I start painting…It is a creative space after all 🙂

2014-12-29 10.14.28


More painting, and then labeling (the key to organization).

I’ll do a separate post on the knobs & pulls, which are kind of different (and cheap).  But for now I have to get back to work, it is almost time to move in 🙂

groovy craft room makeover

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