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50th “Super Hero” Birthday Party

It’s done. ¬†My sweetie turned 50 years old a few days ago. He certainly doesn’t look, or act, middle age ūüôā


It’s another major party event. ¬†While it has been in the back of my mind for several months, I finally settled on a theme. ¬†His birthday is St. Patricks day, but he doesn’t need another green-themed 4-leaf clover party. ¬†Also, the old “over the hill” & other “black” themed parties are too obvious and just don’t suit him.

The Theme: Super Hero

I’m going super hero. ¬†After all, he collects vintage comics (did I mention he doesn’t act his age). ¬†A party with a theme is just so much easier to put together, I believe. ¬†Otherwise, I get too scattered. ¬†Super hero is easy, lots of primary colors.

The Invitations: Comic Book

I believe in physical, hand-crafted invitations. ¬†I found that if I take some time and creative inspiration in the invites, the guests will come. ¬†I probably get more comments on my invites than the parties themselves. The invites for this party were easy once I had the super hero theme, a comic book cover and story strip. ¬†I just finished them…

Invitation Front

Invitation Flipside

I took photos of him and “painted” on the super hero costume (painted via a paint app on my iPad). ¬†Although those of you who are great scrapbookers could do the same.¬†¬†The address is across the top (blocked out) and the date & time is where the comic book price is on vintage Marvel covers.¬†Now just 75 or so color photo copies on regular card stock (cost around $25 total) and at least one thing will be ready for the party! ¬†FYI: “Captain Canada” is his hockey playing nickname.

[The next sections written after the party]

The Food:

With out of town guests, I kept the food simple to minimize the amount of cooking and food prep. ¬†A large cutting board with different cheeses, a plate of smoked salmon –I purchased salmon trimmings at half-price to cut down this cost, and used the more expensive whole pieces on top. ¬†Breads, humus, crackers, fruit completed the menu. ¬†A hollowed out pineapple held blueberries, large strawberries always look delicious.

And the cake–I had fun coloring a cartoon and had the cake shop do a photo cake of it:

For drinks-Jello shots are always fun (and contain very little alcohol), a coffee punch to keep all of us old people awake, sodas, beer, a basic bar.


Coffee punch recipe:

1/2 gallon ice cream (vanilla or chocolate, or a little of both)

1 can evaporated milk

1 pot (10-12 cups) strong coffee

Mix all ingredients until melted. ¬†Re-freeze in plastic containers or freezer bags. Serve “Slushy”–with sprinkled cinnamon and/or shaved chocolate. ¬†It is delicious!

The Decorations:

Red & White to go with the Captain Canada theme.

Glow Sticks inside balloons to decorate the front yard (and identify our house) was a nice and easy touch.

The extra glow sticks served as a party favor and all of us “older adults” had fun with them. ¬†Don’t overlook simple “kids stuff” as possibilities for adult parties.

The best was a photo collage of photos throughout his life that spelled out “50.”

The Result:

About 70 guests, lots of singing (we have a simple karaoke machine), lots of fun.

Special Hints:

Puts lots of trash bins around to make it easier for guests to dispose of disposables. ¬†I use re-useable plastic plates & silverware and have those bins marked for dirty dishes. ¬†It makes clean-up a snap. ¬†Invest in an inexpensive karaoke machine. ¬†Have the food and drink spread out throughout different rooms for little “mini” parties to develop and keep the flow going.

Have fun.

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